Welcome to Yjudes Vestments

Y-Judes Vestments is a proud business based in Sydney, Australia. We hand make and supply a wide selection of Liturgical and Clerical Vestments and apparel, including Albs, Altar Server apparel, Chasubles, Stoles, Clergy shirts, Cottas and much much more.

Apart from our Clerical Vestments we also supply and make all types of Church and Altar linens including lectern covers, laudian frontals, super frontals and complete linen sets etc.

All of our Vestments and other products or garments are beautifully and accurately tailored to your measurements and are created using the finest quality materials and workmanship.

Yjudes Vestments can also hand make many ‘Special Occasion’ items like Christening or Baptismal gowns and First Holy Communion wear and accessories.

We offer a full range of embroidery services and we can create any embroidered design you like, simply from your photograph.

Yjudes Vestments is confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices, all of which are plainly listed on the subsequent pages of our website.

Please see our ‘All Products’ page for a complete list of all our products and services and see the ‘About Us’ page to learn more about this special little business that is Y-Judes Vestments.


We tailor make Clerical and Acolyte albs as well as albs for Altar Servers.


We tailor beautiful Chasubles from our many designs or from your own design requirements.


Our beautiful Stoles can be made from our many designs or from your own design requirements.

Altar Linen

We make all types of Altar linen including Burses & Veils, Purifiers, Palls and much more.

Altar Cloths

We can create elegant Altar Cloths from one of our designs or from your design requirements.


Yjudes offers a complete range of embroidery services at truly wonderful rates.